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Tunturilinjat Ltd

Tunturilinjat knows the fell resorts – this is putting it mildly!  The company has been working in the area since 1948.

As the transportation company for Levi region Tunturilinjat knows the area, its seasonal changes and its weather conditions. 

Tunturilinjat is a significant partner in the development and realisation of ground transportation of the Kittilä Airport and the Levi Fell Resort.  The vast expansion of the Levi holiday resort and increasing traffic to Kittilä Airport has also increased demand for ground transportation. Tunturilinjat is taking on this challenge.

The modern vehicles satisfy even the most demanding of tourists’ expectations and are able to efficiently serve large numbers of passengers during high seasons.

Our highly experienced drivers will ensure transfers from the terminal to accommodation are performed pleasantly and with flexibility.

Tunturilinjat’s regular services will also take you to explore the landscapes of the vicinity and life in the Lappish villages.

Since 1948

Tunturilinjat Ltd | Aakenuksentie 78 | PL 28 | FI-99101 Kittilä | FINLAND |

Gresiona Oy

Aakenuksentie 78 | PL 28 | FI-99101 Kittilä | FINLAND |